Consumption of Green Tea in India:Why Do people Prefer it With Exercise?

Consumption of Green Tea in India: Why do people prefer it with exercise?

The goodness of greens is exemplary and unmatchable. Maintaining health and fitness has become the primary goal of youth today, and therefore consuming a healthy diet and exercise an important routine. Since workout has become an important part of everyday life, post-workout hydration should be predominant.

The most effective post hydration drinks that people enjoy is green tea. Green tea has so many health benefits that cannot be compared with any other ingredient. Green tea is known to be the best source of antioxidants that reduce radical ions in our body maintaining skin glow.

Green tea is also a great hydrant and beats the heat, ensuring recovery after a workout. This article gives a brief insight into how the consumption of green tea has become so popular in India, what are the major varieties of green and how it works as post workout hydrant.

Varieties in green tea

The main difference between green tea and black tea comes from how it is manufactured. Black tea is fermented which transforms and changes its color and affects the flavour.

On the other hand, green tea remains unprocessed and therefore it retains its emerald green glory.  Green tea is grown in the higher altitude regions of our country. To be precise mainly in the regions of East Asia. Green tea is handpicked since it is believed that handpicked green tea is less bitter and yields a sweet flavour.

Amongst the most popular of Japans green teas, is known as sencha green tea. Many grading systems affect the price and quality of green tea. Sencha green tea is consumed by steaming the tea leaves. Sencha tea yields a beautiful yellow color that has a sweet, grassy astringent flavour.

A well-known green tea, Matcha is also made from tea leaves. Matcha leaves have higher chlorophyll content that makes it more vibrant and greener. However, the process of making matcha is different than others. To make matcha, tea leaves are ground into powder.

The powder is mixed with boiling water and then whisked before it is served. Therefore, depending on the quality of green tea, it is consumed in different parts of the world. Green tea brands consumed on a large scale in India include Lipton, Tetley, organic India, twinning’s green tea, Himalaya green tea, Girnar, berry matcha, and more.

India subsequently has become a producer of its green tea and a market for international brands. People enjoy drinking green tea and hence for a post-workout routine, there can be nothing best than green tea, loaded and packed with nutrients, nourishments, and goodness in a cup.

Benefits of green tea

Green tea is loaded with amino acid L-theanine that works well with caffeine to improve brain functions in our body. The presence of polyphenols which are natural compounds helps in reducing inflammation. Adding more to this a compound called catechin also known epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) works as a natural anti-oxidant which prevents cell damage and also present in green tea.

On an average a human consumes 40 mg of caffeine daily and even more in the form of coffee, tea, and even soft drinks. This only invites diseases and affects body cycle and health. Switching to 2 cups of green tea daily should be adopted so that one can enjoy its benefits and live healthily.

Here are a few advantages of consuming green daily post-workout;

  • Green tea helps in reducing belly fat
  • Boosts collagen growth and skin glow
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases and 2 types of diabetes
  • It contains healthy bioactive compounds, which promotes overall health
  • Best for hydration and prevents bad breath
  • Helps you to stay active and fit for the day

Due to so many benefits and advantages, green tea has become so popular and now adapted well in our culture of a healthy and fit body, mind.

Green tea as post work out a hydrant

You might be intrigued to know, how green tea got its name? Well when unprocessed, raw dried leaves which are unfermented, is brewed in water, a beautiful emerald green color emerges. This is how green tea got its precise name.

Majorly protein shakes are considered to be the best post-workout drink, however, this is not true. There is no hard and fast rule to what is the best post-workout drink, some prefer protein shakes, some honey and lemon in warm water, but mostly the quickest alternative is green tea. Green tea can stand out very well as a post-workout drink, as it is extremely light and rich in nutrients.

These nutrients restore your energy and hydrate immensely. Consuming green tea after a workout has shown proven results in weight loss also. Some of the most prominent reasons why drinking green tea as a post-workout drink is a wise choice are:

  1. The presence of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) boosts metabolism and burns more calories after a great workout
  2. A hot and steaming cup of green tea at least 2 times a day will immune your system, prevent acne on the skin, and give a relaxing effect.
  3. Green tea can be consumed sugar-free, hence no tension of weight gaining as opposed to other brewed beverages.
  4. The packed antioxidants in green tea fight the induced free radicals, reducing inflammation and muscle soreness.

All the above pointers prove that green tea is the best alternative to any weight loss remedy, which is not fancy or difficult to follow. This also elevates a youthful glow and manages metabolism, for amazing overall health.


Green tea has impeccable benefits that can be incorporated in everyday life to balance the mind, body, and soul. A part of living a healthy lifestyle comes from consuming healthy, and what best choice can be made for the same as nature itself. Unprocessed and unfermented green tea is the best for health and burning calories, which can be consumed to your heart’s content. Therefore, switch to healthy, switch to green, and enjoy a cup of green tea as your post-workout routine.

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