Best time to have Mochan Ayurvedic Herbal Green tea

One widely-believed adage is ‘everything should be consumed in moderation.’ Green tea is no different. Over the years, green tea has become a favorite among health enthusiasts for its myriad health benefits. As an anti-bacterial tea, it is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and has innumerable benefits, including helping in weight loss, improving the body’s metabolism, promoting oral health, exhibiting anti-aging properties and aiding in reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Best time table for green tea consumption

Morning cup


it is mostly advised to consume a cup of green tea every morning before we could start any work because the caffeine content in it can kickstart the required energy. It makes an individual more alert and more productive. But, it shouldn’t be consumed in an empty stomach, which can directly affect the liver and also the caffeine in it may lead to dehydration and stimulate the release of gastric acid, which can cause stomach upset or even ulcer.

Before exercise

is it good to have green tea before excersice

The advised time-span between the cup of green tea and the exercise routine must be more than 30 minutes, and it shouldn’t be more than an hour, as green tea increases our body’s metabolism and caffeine aids in exercising for a longer duration. If someone wants to consume green tea for weight loss, then it is the best advised time to drink before a workout. Both ECGC and caffeine is taken before ninety minutes of exercise increases the oxidation rate of fat. But if the time-span between drinking and working-out exceeds one hour, then one may not benefit from the positive effects of drinking green tea.

Before sleep

which green to take before excersise?

it is advised that the time between the consumption of green tea and rest should be at least two hours because the caffeine may hinder the sleep. This may disturb the sleep cycle resulting in irregular sleeping habits.

Before or after meals

to get the most from green tea, the best way could be to drink it on an empty stomach. One study showed that taking food at the same time while drinking tea might inhibit the absorption of EGCG. On the other hand, green tea might inhibit the absorption of iron. However, many sources suggest drinking green tea on an empty stomach is not recommended. If you have stomach or liver problems, then the best option might be to take it with a meal or after the meal, but make sure to consult your doctor first.

Should we take green tea before meals or night?

Research showed that although green tea may help treat any diarrhea, in large amounts, it may also be the cause of one. Steamed green teas like sencha or gunpowder. Another benefit of having green tea before a meal might be help with reducing hunger. If you want to drink green tea with a meal learning the basics of tea pairing with food might open the door to a whole new world of sensory experiences. Although the most popular choice for an afternoon tea is black tea, green tea can pair the sweetness of desserts perfectly too.

Although pairing green tea with sweets is not a favorite choice for tea connoisseurs, the slight bitterness of sencha will match the sweetness of cakes amazingly well. Moreover, green tea is a popular choice in sushi bars for cleansing the palate. Choose lighter green teas like Dragon Well for lighter non-sweet meals, and stronger more vegetable and astringent beverages for desserts and more substantial snacks.

Green tea might help with digestion and boosting metabolism

Although there are no specific guidelines when you should take your drink, the best time might be before or 30-60 minutes after the meal. To get the most benefits, studies usually suggest 3-5 cups of green tea per day, depending on the type and the amount of EGCG. Learn how to choose the drink with the most EGCG.

is geen tea god for digestion?

When skin is concerned, every cup of tea might count

Tea provides not only hydration necessary for glowing skin but has anti-inflammatory properties too. It may help with photo-aged skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, and may even help reduce sebum and clear the skin from acne. Studies showed that tea might help both from the inside and outside. To take things a step further, you can prepare a facial steam bath with green loose leaf tea and make it a part of your weekly skin routine.

Things to be noted

  • It shouldn’t be consumed right after we wake up. This means it shouldn’t be the first thing to drink, which may affect our liver due to the presence of high content of catechins in green tea.
  • It shouldn’t be consumed during meals.
  • It shouldn’t be consumed before going to bed because it disturbs the sleep.

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